Oceanid Coding Solutions is a web design and development business that weaves code to fit your needs using the most modern technology to achieve the best results. Whether you are an individual looking to only convert your older technology, such as a DVD into a digitalized format or a business looking for a big web project, all needs are welcomed with enthusiasm and guaranteed successful results.

For as little as $500 you can get a fully responsive, functional and modern website that will look fantastic on all devices. In addition, with Oceanid Coding Solutions there are no monthly fees or hidden fees or confusing terms of agreement. Namely, with Oceanid Coding Solutions you can get full-ownership of your website and have no obligations to the company. This company also offers free in-person consultation and is always there to help the clients in-person as its ultimate goal is the success of every business.


Discuss the following:

Existing or new project


Time frame






Proceed with the following:

Business contract

10 percent of the initial project fee


Review of Project with Customer:

Rough draft of project

Testing of functionality

Suggestions or changes

Final Touch ups

Upon Customer satisfaction proceed with the final project


Final Payment & help with uploading the website to the server and administrating search engine optimization.


All websites are designed responsive to look good on mobile devices.



Oceanid Coding Solutions develops all websites from scratch and uses a an aesthetic touch to the look and feel of websites. Depending on your preference, type of business, or personal interests, Oceanid Coding Solutions will design the website for you to suit your needs.

All websites are designed responsive meaning that they will look good on all devices whether it be an iPad or cellphone. In addition, Oceanid Coding Solutions performs cross-browser compatibility testing meaning that your website will be tested on many browsers, such as Google Chrome, IE and Firefox to ensure that the formating and style of your website will look good and the same on all browsers.


Once you website is developed, Oceanid Coding Solutions will do a search engine optimization on Google, Microsoft Bing and Yahoo, which means that your website is show up on all of these search engines.

All websites need SEO to be viewed on these search engines, thus without SEO it is not possible for a website to be found on these search engines. In addition, this is a way for websites to be marketed on the Internet.


Reasons why it is important to have a mobile-friendly website:

According to The Guardian, Mark Sweney, author of Two-thirds of Britons will own a smartphone by 2018, research finds, reveals that in reference to the report made by ZenithOtimedia, a global media services network, "by 2018 the number of internet users across the 47 countries it monitors globally will break the 2 billion barrier for the first time."
-Mark Sweney

Dex Derry, author of Is your website mobile-friendly? article published in The Guardian states that "according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), globally 2.1 billion people access the web via mobile broadband." He also mentions that "according to Google 61% of users leave a website and look elsewhere if they don't see what they're looking for right away," therefore " if you are not mobile-friendly, you can expect to get left behind."
-Dex Derry

Brad Shorr, author of 10 Small Business Website Errors That Drive Customers Away in Forbes mentions that "if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are writing off half your potential audience - maybe a lot more depending on your business. Beyond that, a mobile-unfriendly website hurts SEO, and is likely to hurt it a lot more in the coming years."
-Brad Shorr



$500-$1000 depending on the complexity of the project
Fully responsive
Includes content, videos and pictures
SEO & Marketing


$50-$150 depending on type of update
Changing content-$50
Adding picture/s-$50
Embedding a video/s-$100
Adding modal/s-$150 etc...


Compressing/converting dvds to a digitalized format-$150


Please feel free to contact me via email. You may reach me at tira@oceanidcodingsolutions.com